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Halve zolen

Bijgewerkt op: 6 jun. 2020

Dear Willem en Leendert,

I’m glad to let you know that you passed the fysical test. Hereby I return your footprints.

ooooO ( ) \ ( \__)

Ooooo ( ) ) / (__/

I guess the left foot is yours, Willem, and then the right one must be Leendert’s. Our podologist has ordered two pair of half soles, that might help you out.

But before booking flights please bear in mind that there might still need to be a draw for places if the event is over subscribed. The closing date for entries is next weekend and soon after that I should know whether a draw will be necessary. Please keep an eye on the TGO Challenge message board for updates, in addition to the official mailings.

Very best wishes,


John Manning TGO Challenge Co-ordinator Outdoor Journalist & Consultant National Union of Journalists ( Outdoors Writers’ and Photographers’ Guild (

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